The Ausones (Italian: Ausoni) were an ancient Italic tribe settled in the southern part of Italy. Often confused with the Aurunci, they share with them only a probably common origin.

History Edit

According to a legend told by Diodorus Siculus, The King of the Ausones was Ausonus, son of Ulysses and Circe (or Calypso). Son of Ausonus was Liparus, whence the Lipari Islands name.

Only fragmentary news exist about historical Ausones.

The first Greek settlers found Italy inhabited by three major populations: Ausones, Enotri and Iapyges. The Ausoni spoke an Indo-European language[citation needed] and were probably present in Italy at least from the 17th century BC. Their territory was called Ausonia (sometimes used for extension to denote the whole Italy): in the 8th century BC it included what is now southern Lazio and Campania until the Sele river. According to Diodorus Siculus, they were also settled in the territory of Reggio Calabria. Around 1270 BC part of the Ausoni moved to Sicily.

The Ausoni entered in contact with the Romans, allying against them with the Samnites. The main Ausonian cities of Ausona, Minturnae, Vescia and Sinuessa, according to Livy (Ab urbe condita, IX, 25), were destroyed.

Archaeological findings Edit

Cales, in the commune of Calvi Risorta (province of Caserta, Campania), of which remains has been found, has been identified as an Ausonian city.

In the park of Roccamonfina remains of a polygonal line of walls belonging to the Ausonian civilization have been discovered.el:Αύσονες es:Ausonios fr:Ausones it:Ausoni hu:Ausonok ru:Авзоны scn:Ausoni

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