Bahçe Çiflik or Baxe Tsifliki (Greek: Μπαξέ Τσιφλίκ or Μπαξέ Τσιφλίκι) was an area near Thessaloniki. One famous song which talks about seven areas of Thessaloniki (in twelve lines) was "Baxe Tsifliki" by Vassilis Tsitsanis, dedicated to a woman from Thessaloniki named Marigoula. The road which was followed by the narration was: Starting in Baxe Tsifliki and passing through Karabournaki (area in Kalamaria), coming through Ano Poli and ending up in the Koutsoura tou Dalamagka which was a tavern in which Tsitsanis played and sang in that period. In that time Bahçe Çiflik was a place for which many rebetiko pieces were written because of the good memories which brought to the Thessalonians. Basically it was a place for spending the summer. Every year a large number of the inhabitants of Salonica went there and rented summer homes. In the morning they went to the beach and every night they visited shoreline taverns and danced. These were situated by the side of the beach, extending into the sea on supported wooden structures. Today Bahçe Çiflik and Baxe Tsifliki is known as Neoi Epivates in the municipality of Thermaikos in the Thessaloniki Prefecture.

song of TsitsanisEdit

Πάμε τσάρκα πέρα στο Μπαξέ-Τσιφλίκι
κούκλα μου γλυκιά απ' τη Θεσσαλονίκη
στου Νικάκη τη βαρκούλα,
γλυκιά μου Μαριγούλα,
...να σου παίξω φίνο μπαγλαμά.
Πάμε τσάρκα πέρα στο Καραμπουρνάκι,
να τα πιούμε μια βραδιά στο Καλαμάκι,
κι από 'κει στο Μπεξινάρι,
σε φίνο ακρογιάλι,
...να σου παίξω φίνο μπαγλαμά.
Πάμε τσάρκα στην Ακρόπολη, στη Βάρνα,
κι από 'κεί στα Κούτσουρα του Δαλαμάγκα
Μαριγώ, θα σε τρελάνει,
ν' ακούσεις τον Τσιτσάνη
...να σου παίξει φίνο μπαγλαμά.el:Μπαξέ Τσιφλίκ