Cretan hieroglyphs are found on artifacts of Bronze Age Minoan Crete (early to mid 2nd millennium BC, MM I to MM III, overlapping with Linear A from MM IIA at the earliest). Symbol inventories have been compiled by Evans (1909), Meijer (1982), Olivier/Godart (1996). The known corpus has been edited in 1996 as CHIC (Olivier/Godard 1996), listing a total of 314 items, mainly excavated at four locations:

  • "Quartier Mu" at Malia (MM II)
  • the hieroglyphic deposit at Malia palace (MM III)
  • the hieroglyphic deposit at Knossos (MM II or III)
  • the Petras deposit (MM IIB).

The corpus consists of:

The relation of the last three items with the script of the main corpus is uncertain.

The glyph inventory as presented by CHIC consists of 96 syllabograms, ten of which double as logograms, an additional 23 logograms, 13 fractions (including 4 in ligature), four levels of numerals (units, tens, hundreds, thousands) and two types of punctuation. Many symbols have apparent Linear A counterparts, so that it is tempting to insert Linear B sound values.

Besides the supposed evolution of the hieroglyphs into the linear scripts, possible relations to Anatolian hieroglyphs were suggested, as well as to the Cypriot syllabary.

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