Evosmos Municipality
Δήμος Ευόσμου
Coordinates 40°40′N 22°54′E / 40.667°N 22.9°E / 40.667; 22.9Coordinates: 40°40′N 22°54′E / 40.667°N 22.9°E / 40.667; 22.9
Periphery: Central Macedonia
Prefecture: Thessaloniki
Population statistics (as of 2001[1])
 - Population: 52,624
 - Area: 9.927 km² (4 sq mi)
 - Density: 5,301 /km² (13,730 /sq mi)
Time zone: EET/EEST (UTC+2/3)
Elevation (center): 35 m (115 ft)
Telephone: 2310
Auto: Ν

Evosmos (Greek: Εύοσμος) is a Borough of Thessaloniki. It has a land area of 9.927 km². The population is 52,624 (2001 census). Due to rapid development, the population is expected to rise dramatically by the next census in 2011. Most of the new development is taking place in the northern district of the municipality called Nea Politeia (New State).


Evosmos' first dramatic increase in population occurred when refugees from Asia Minor settled in the area in the early 20th Century. The municipality was originally called Harmankioi (Χαρμάνκιοι). In 1953, Harmankioi became an independent community and was renamed Neos Koukloutzas (Νέος Κουκλουτζάς). Two years later, it was renamed again to Evosmos, meaning a place that smells nice. A marsh was removed, and with it the nefarious odors it emitted.

Life in the MunicipalityEdit

Most cultural activity takes place around the municipality's main square. The square is surrounded by cafes, bars, the city hall, and the main church of the municipality.

The main shopping street, Megalou Alexandrou, is just to the north of the square. The cultural center and cinema are located on this street.


There are three churches in the municipality. Agios Athanasios was built in 1818 and is the oldest of the three. Evagelismos is the largest and is located by the square. The Church of the Three Hierarchs is the newest church and is located in the Nea Politeia district.


The Municipal Athletic Center of Evosmos (in Greek Δημοτικό Αθλητικό Κέντρο Ευόσμου) is located in Nea Politeia. It has indoor basketball and volleyball courts. The Center is temporary home to the professional volleyball team of Iraklis VC. It has played host to the 2003 Juniors' World Basketball Championship's first round.

Agrotikos Asteras is the local football club that plays professionally in the B' Division - Beta Ethniki. Other smaller clubs include Aias Evosmou, A. E. Evosmou, Ethnikos Evosmou and Makedon Evosmou; all of which play in the amateur leagues.

Several notable athletes have come out of Evosmos. Some of the better-known figures include Ntinos Kouis and Georgios Firos who both started their careers at Agrotikos Asteras and went on to play for Aris Thessaloniki as well as the national team. Nikos Hatzivrettas is a notable basketball player who began his career at Aias Evosmou and currently plays for Panathinaikos.


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