The Graioceli were an Alpine tribe whose lands lay in the upper valley of Maurienne (France) and in the vicinity of Alpis Graia (modern Little St Bernard Pass), as well as in adjoining sections of northwestern Piedmont (Italy) in the Graian Alps.

The Graioceli are mentioned by Caesar (Commentarii de Bello Gallico, 1.10):

... Here (in the Alps) the Ceutrones and the Graioceli and the Caturiges, having taken possession of the higher parts, attempt to obstruct the army in their march. After having routed these in several battles, he arrives in the territories of the Vocontii in the Further Province on the seventh day from Ocelum, which is the most remote town of the Hither Province; thence he leads his army into the country of the Allobroges, ...[1]


  1. Caesar, Bell. Gall. I 10,4

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