The Greek National Road 67 (short or common GR-67 and Thessaloniki - Nea Moudania Road) or the Diagoniki Odos? is a highway or route that links the city of Thessaloniki with Nea Moudania and to southern Chalkidiki. Since the opening of the Thessaloniki Ring, half of it is a four-lane divided highway to Nea Kallikrateia and half is a two-lane highway with interchanges southward to Nea Moudania. The highway begins southward and passes with Konstantinos Karamanlis Avenue and is a joint with GR-16 and is also numbered southward with the eastern portion of the Thessaloniki Ring for about 15 km. Its total length without the by-pass is about 60 km. The highway was first opened in the mid to late 20th century. The highway runs in its eastern suburbs and east of Kalamaria. It becomes a superhighway south of the ring with a junction/interchange at the end of the ring superhighway. The highway passes in the east coast of the Thermian Gulf. It enters through the airport, the coastal towns and into the mountains and into Nea Moudania. Near Nea Kallikrateia, the highway is two-laned with interchanges southward to Nea Moudania where it access in two to Ierissos, and Ouranopoli as well as the Kassandria and Sithonia peninsulas.


Joint with Greek National Road 16 and with four lanesEdit

Interchange number Interchange name Access to other places
1 Charilaou -
2 Kalamaria Thessaloniki Ring accesses to Via Egnatia
3 Finikas -
4 Makedonia Airport Airport, Epanomi, Nea Michanionia
5 Makedonia Airport and Thermi Galatista, Polygyros, Arnaia, Ieroissos, Ouranopolis
Airport, Epanomi, Nea Michaniona

Without Greek National Road 16 and with four lanes Edit

Interchange number Interchange name Access to other places
6 Tagarades -
7 Kardia/Trilofo -
8 Kato Scholari -
9 Lakkoma -
10 Nea Kallikrateia Nea Kallikrateia, Nea Silata, Elaiochoria, Petralona

Two-lane highway with interchangesEdit

Interchange number Interchange name Access to other places
11 Sozopoli -
12 Nea Triglia/Nea Plagia
13 Flogita -
14 Portaria -
15 Nea Moudania North Nea Moudania
16 Nea Moudania East to Olynthos, Ierissos and Sithonia
to the Kassandria peninsula

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