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The Grey Skorba phase (4500-4100 BCE)[1] follows the Early Neolithic Għar Dalam phase (5200-4500 BCE)[1] in Malta's prehistory. It is marked by a distinctive grey pottery, without decoration.[2] Other remains from the period include seashells, bone ornaments and implements, stone tools and number of sling stones possibly used for hunting.[1] Flakes of obsidian and flint were found, probably imported from Sicily.[1] The Grey Skorba phase evolved into the Red Skorba phase (4400-4100 BCE).[1]



The prehistoric site at Skorba was first noted during the early years of the twentieth century. At the time, a conspicuous megalith was recorded as a menhir;[1] however in 1937 Captain Charles Zammit, curator of archaeology, established the presence of other megaliths in the immediate vicinity and the site was fully excavated by David Trump between 1961-1963.

The importance of Skorba lies chiefly in the information that its artifacts provide about Maltese prehistory.[1]


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