The Koban culture (ca. 1100 to 400 BC) is a late Bronze Age and Iron Age culture of the northern and central Caucasus. It is preceded by the Colchian culture of the western Caucasus.

It is named after the village of Koban, Northern Ossetia, where in 1869 battle-axes, daggers, decorative items and other objects were discovered in a kurgan. Later, further sites were uncovered in the central Caucasus.

References in Popular CultureEdit

In the September 17th, 2009, episode of Dinosaur Comics, T-Rex suggests it's a good idea that people don't live forever because, if they did, people racist against the Koban culture would still be around today.

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it:Cultura di Koban

lt:Kobano kultūra pl:Kultura kobańska ru:Кобанская культура sv:Kobankulturen uk:Кобанська культура

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