Coordinates 40°47′N 22°34′E / 40.783°N 22.567°E / 40.783; 22.567Coordinates: 40°47′N 22°34′E / 40.783°N 22.567°E / 40.783; 22.567
Periphery: Central Macedonia
Prefecture: Thessaloniki
Population statistics (as of 2001[1])
 - Population: 10,757
Time zone: EET/EEST (UTC+2/3)

Koufalia (Greek: Κουφάλια) is a municipality in the Thessaloniki Prefecture, in the region of Central Macedonia. It is located 40 kilometres North-West of the City of Thessaloniki, and virtually by the Axios river. It consists of two Municipal Departments: Koufalia and Prohoma. The population is 10.757 inhabitants, according to the 2001 census.

The municipality is built over the ancient city of Ichnae (IXNAI). Most of its population originates from the town of Kavakli in Bulgaria. They moved to the area after the 1919 signing of the Treaty of Neuilly between Greece and Bulgaria that forced a population exchanged between the two countries.

The region enjoys many sport and nature activities. It is also active in EU initiatives targeting the northern Greek infrastructure programs, by promoting the development of the Central Macedonia region and Thessaloniki.


It has a number of cultural organisations, the main one being 'Megas Alexandros' (Alexander the Great); it was founded in 1980. It has its own lending library as well as a blood bank for humanitarian purposes. Every year it organises the 'River Party' on the banks of the Axios river, from 24-26 July, and other religious 'panigyri' (festivals)

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