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Marghera (also known as Venezia Marghera) is a frazione of the comune of Venice, Italy. It includes the industrial area known as Porto Marghera or Venezia Porto Marghera and has approximately 30,000 inhabitants.


Marghera appeared in the 1920 when a part of the town of Mestre (now also a frazione of Venice) was destined to the construction of a commercial and industrial port, as well as of a residential area for its workers. The Enichem fertilizer company operates in Marghera.

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Coordinates: 45°27′N 12°13′E / 45.45°N 12.217°E / 45.45; 12.217de:Marghera fr:Marghera it:Marghera nl:Marghera ro:Marghera vec:Marghera

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