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A hill fort occupied about 1800-1200 BC during the Bronze age, located near the city of Rovinj in the Croatian region of Istria.


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It is possible that Monkodonja had close relationships with the Greek city Mycenae, as fragments of mycenaen ceramics have been found. Traces of having been abandoned suddenly during invasion of Histri tribe of Illyrians. This was a dark time in history when many settlements, towns and cities were sacked and empires destroyed across the Mediterranean. It is believed that the settlement was captured and destroyed by the Histri after a siege.


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Coordinates: 45°04′14″N 13°41′53″E / 45.07056°N 13.69806°E / 45.07056; 13.69806cs:Monkodonja de:Monkodonja ru:Монкодонья

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