Nesactium (Istrian dialect: Vizače, Croatian: Nezakcij, Italian: Nesazio) was an ancient fortified town of the Histrii tribe. In 177 BC the town was conquered by the Romans and burned. and later Romanized. Its ruins are located in southern Istria, Croatia, between the village of Muntić and Valtura. Rebuilt upon the original Histrian pattern, it was inhabited until the 7th century AD when it was destroyed. Its Illyro-Roman walls still remain.

In pre-Roman era Nesactium was the capital of the indigenous population of the peninsula called Histri. It is not easy to define Histri people. They were quite mysterious but certainly had a great sense of esthetics.

There are some theories stating their Celtic background, but who they were and where they came from has never been discovered for certain. Supposedly their main economic activities were trade and piracy all over the ancient Mediterranean Sea. All indicates they were a particular ethnical group, such as Etruscans in Italy.

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