The Picentes were a tribe of ancient Italy.[1] In 269 BC they rebelled against Rome.[2] The Picentes were Sabines.[3]


  1. The Cambridge Ancient History Volume 4: Persia, Greece and the Western Mediterranean, c.525 to 479 BC by John Boardman,ISBN 0521228042,1988 ,page 697,"... the Tronto or near Ascoli Piceno allude to a people called Pupeneis or something similar: could these be the Italic Picentes known to the Romans? Similarly the larger number, from the part of the Abruzzi between the Tronto and the Aterno-Pescara, ..."
  2. The Romans: From Village to Empire Mary T. Boatwright,ISBN 0195118766,2004,Page 87,"... if any, communities in Etruria, Umbria, and Picenum possessed any real independence. Attempts to reassert it were severely punished. The Picentes revolted in 269. When defeated, they lost territory-a Roman colonial commis- sion established the colony of Firmum there-and they were ..."
  3. A system of ancient and mediaeval geography for the use of schools and colleges. by Charles Anthon. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series,ISBN 1425570801,2005,page 302,"... in Strabo's time, a city of note. - PICENUM. (A.) NAME, BOUNDARIES, &C. 1. Picénum took its name from the Picentes, its inhabitants, who were a colony of Sabines ; ..."


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