Rosamund Pike (lindi më 27 janar 1979Londër) është një aktore angleze.

Filmografia Edit

  • 2005 – Doom
  • 2005 – Pride and Prejudice
  • 2004 – The Libertine
  • 2004 – Promised Land
  • 2002 – Die Another Day
  • 2001 – Love in a Cold Climate
  • 2000 – Trial & Retribution
  • 1999 – Wives and Daughters
  • 1998 – A Rather English Marriage
ar:روزاموند بايك

cy:Rosamund Pike da:Rosamund Pike de:Rosamund Pike en:Rosamund Pike es:Rosamund Pike fi:Rosamund Pike fr:Rosamund Pike id:Rosamund Pike it:Rosamund Pike ja:ロザムンド・パイク ka:როზამუნდ პაიკი nl:Rosamund Pike pl:Rosamund Pike pt:Rosamund Pike ru:Пайк, Розамунд sr:Розамунд Пајк sv:Rosamund Pike tr:Rosamund Pike zh:羅莎蒙·派克

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