Rudna Glava (Ore Head) is a mining site in present-day eastern Serbia that demonstrates one of the earliest evidences of European copper mining and metallurgy, dating to the 5th millennium BC[1]. Shafts were cut into the hillside, with scaffolding constructed for easy access to the veins of ore. It belongs to the Vinča culture[2], as is shown by pottery-finds.

Another early mine is located at Ai Bunar near Stara Zagora in Bulgaria.

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Coordinates: 44°20′20″N 22°04′08″E / 44.339°N 22.069°E / 44.339; 22.069de:Rudna Glava fr:Rudna Glava it:Rudna Glava ru:Рудна Глава sr:Рудна Глава

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