This template builds nicer-looking common fractions. It takes one, two or three parameters: the optional integer (maybe signed), the optional numerator and the required denominator; in this order.

A BC (integer, numerator and denominator)
A<s style="display:none">+</s><small><sup>B</sup><big>⁄</big><sub>C</sub></small>
AB (numerator and denominator)
1A (denominator only)

12 13 14 18 12 13 23 14 24 34 18 28 38 48 58 68 78 116 316 516 716 916 1116 1316 1516 532 2732

af:Sjabloon:Breuk ar:قالب:Frac de:Vorlage:Bruch en:Template:Frac es:Plantilla:Fracción fr:Modèle:Fraction ja:Template:分数 ko:틀:분수 mk:Шаблон:Дроп nl:Sjabloon:Breuk no:Mal:Brøk simple:Template:Frac sl:Predloga:Ulomek zh:Template:Fraction

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